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Poston Electrical offers superior  electrical services for your home or business, including childproof outlets, commercial energy audits, and whole home surge protection.

Fan Installation

Ceiling fans are a great addition to your San Diego home. With cooling bills soaring in our neighborhoods, installing a ceiling fan can be a great way to save energy and money while still cooling your home. By adjusting the fan to run counter clockwise, you are able to cool a room by at least a few degrees instead of cranking the air conditioning. When the fan is switched to run clockwise, the fan pulls warm air down from the ceiling, saving you money on your heating bill.

Although home owners will often try and install ceiling fans themselves, it’s really best to have a professional handle your fan installation. This is because with the heavy weight of most ceiling fans, they need a junction box to make sure they are safely and securely attached to your ceiling.

Next time you are sitting in a stale room that needs some fresh air, call Steven C. Poston Electrical to install your new ceiling fans. As your neighborhood electrician, we are fast, reliable and experienced and can safely and quickly go to work for you.

Spa/Hot Tub Installation

Hot tubs and spas are an exciting addition to your San Diego home. You can spend cool nights under the stars, relaxing with the spa jets running or have a great spot for parties when entertaining friends. However, there are a few things you need to consider before installing your hot tub and the experts at Steven C. Poston are here to help you in that process.

Steven C. Poston Electrical has installed hundreds of spas and hot tubs in the neighborhood and this expertise allows us to make sure your electrical system can handle the addition of the hot tub safely. When not installed properly, hot tubs can cause costly and possibly even dangerous issues down the road. That’s why we are the best choice when installing your hot tub or spa.

Things to take into consideration before installing your hot tub/spa:

  • Most hot tub installations need 110V or 240V power.
  • The 240V spas require a #6 gauge wire and are 50 amp rated
  • Hot tubs can’t be installed under power lines
  • Power shut off switches are required to be installed within view of the spa
  • Hot tubs have to be grounded and require ground fault protection or GFCI

Keep your family safe and avoid costly repairs later on by hiring a professional like Steven C. Poston Electrical to install your hot tub or spa. We guarantee our work and can help you problem solve installation issues if they arise. Our number one priority is your safety and satisfaction, so call us today for more information on your hot tub installation.

Solar Installation and Service

In San Diego, the rising cost of power is a very real issue that home owners face. In fact, it’s estimated that our power bills rise anywhere from 10%-30%, every year. Luckily, southern California is the perfect climate for solar energy and the state is currently leading the solar revolution through installing more solar capacity than any other state.

By upgrading your electricity to include solar panels, you aren’t just making a smart choice financially, but one that also has a positive impact on our environment. Not only are you reducing your dependency on fossil fuels, but solar installations can reduce and in some cases eliminate your electric bill while increasing the value on your home. The cost savings don’t only extend to your monthly electric bill, however. By upgrading your system to include solar electricity, you can qualify for a 30% Tax Credit on both the purchase cost and installation of the renewable technology.

Steven C. Poston Electrical has installed solar electricity in several of homes in the San Diego area. Because we are your neighborhood electrician, we truly understand the installation and benefits of solar power. We can help you through the process and make sure your energy is working for you in your home, rather than the other way around. 

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